by Love Banshee

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released November 30, 2014



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Love Banshee Waterloo, Ontario

Love Banshee is a band that can appear in many shapes, sizes and configurations. For booking, contact

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Track Name: Fog
No shapes or view around me

Just a purple hue where we met inside a dream

The only thing that seemed to move around was me

It's hard to see beyond the shadows in the fog

Through the haze, is my lover like a stone? Like a stone

I can't navigate so I wander

And I can't deny that it's in my design

Like it runs through your blood

Baby, we were born to love
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Wake Up
I can do a good crab walk honey child, when I want

And we can lie down face flat on the floor for a laugh

We can do the mashed potato any time that we want

Sing me a song that you know I like


And don't get out for bed for another day if you do, I won't

'Cause I've been dreamin' all day

And I don't wanna wake up, wanna wake up darlin' today

I'm sorry that I made you cry pretty girl if I did

And I'm sorry that you can't draw blood from a stone

Even though you did

And, it's all over the rug

And I don't wanna wake up, wanna wake up darlin' again
Track Name: What a Hoot!
If I wanted I could cry about it

But I don't so I won't

If I were a dog, I'd probably hide in a hole about it

If I were you, I'd be ashamed

But that's not true

Well my rug has got too much dirt on it

And you keep stickin' your fingers in the dip

I could spend all my precious time on it

But to you it ain't a thing

And ain't I blue?

Oh yeah!

My mashed potatoes fell on the linoleum

And I spilled my water on my last piece of toast

I just want a perfect piece of something

But it's you I want the most
Track Name: Fog II
I don't wanna wait to find out what I'll do

If I've gotta do something then I can do it soon

And I don't care who doesn't think that it ain't strange

It is, but if you want it baby that could be arranged

Any time you want it, I'm up on it

Even though I missed it, I don't mean to spoil

You're face of shiny porcelain when you wanna fill a void

I dreamed I had you in a field beneath the fog

I tried to speak but I could only howl like a dog

Any time you want it, I'm up on it